Curtain Poles and Tracks

From a simple 19mm metal pole to a remote controlled rail

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All styles, finishes and lengths

What do you say except that in 30 years in this trade we have never seen such a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that sometimes we wonder where the next fashion trend in poles will come from?

There are woods in every shade and size, and woods painted to match your colour scheme.

There are round finials and square finials, glass finials and no finials at all... just end caps or recess brackets (should you not be able to accommodate finials).

There are white tracks and silver tracks, corded or un-corded.

Curtain pole in room setting

Professionally measured and fitted by JFK Interiors

There are many more options for bay windows in terms of poles these days than there has ever been.

We supply all of the above along with a large helping of expertise provided by us to match your pole or track to the specific needs of your window treatment and bearing in mind the weight of the curtains we are supplying.

From a simple 19mm metal pole to a remote controlled rail for a bay window we have the perfect solution supplied to us from manufacturers who are again world leaders in their field such as Silent Gliss, all professionally measured and fitted by JFK Interiors.